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Welcome back!

Our alumni are the most important branch of the GBC family tree! We encourage all our graduates to stay involved with the College through our many services and offerings. Join us for any of the many reunions and events and rekindle old friendships. Homecoming, our DAG Banquet, Annual Silent Auction and Buffet Dinner and the "Drives for Education" Golf Outing all provide opportunities to meet old friends and stay involved.

Our Career Services Office provides lifetime employment assistance for our alumni. You can simply contact Career Services Office at (302) 225-6256 or email careers@gbc.edu for more information.

The alumni newsletter Reflections, is electronically published twice a year - in winter and summer.  Be sure  to look for the newest edition and keep up with your classmates and fellow alumni.  Archived editions are also available.  If we've lost touch with each other over the years, and you do not currently get our mailings, simply let us know how to reach you by calling Ruth T. Tingle at (302) 225-6210 or emailing tinglert@gbc.edu.  You can also keep up with Goldey-Beacom College alumni and find out about alumni and college events on our Facebook group page!

If you would like to receive an email update on occasion, please provide your email address by calling 302-225-6273.