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Academic Calendar - Semester begin and end
     dates, holidays

Academic Policies - UG or GR - Auditing a course,
     changing majors, class attendance, class
     scheduling, advanced placement, standards of
     academic progress, classification of students

Academic Resource Center - Tutoring information
Accreditation - Organizations and programs which
     have recognized and accredited GBC as well as
Alcohol and Drug Policies - Policy description
Activities - List of activities
Admissions - Admissions information
Advisement Office - Quick facts
Alert Messaging - Text and email alert messages
     for emergency notifications and reminders

Alumni Office - DAG, credit card, license plate,
     reflections, office quick facts and contact info

Affording GBC - Tuition and fee information
Athletics Office - Quick facts and contact info

Basketball - Men's BB Schedule, game stats, team
     profile, etc.

Basketball - Women's BB Schedule, game stats,
     team profile, etc.

Bookstore - Online Bookstore where students can
     purchase their books, see Campus Store
     for sundries, supplies, GBC merchandisc, etc.

Bus Routes - Bus route information
Bursar/Business Office - Quick facts, fee schedules,
     and payment information.

Campus Conduct - Description of expected conduct
Campus Offices - Complete list of college offices
Campus Security and Safety  - Campus Security and
     Safety information

Campus Store - Sundries, supplies, GBC
     merchandise, etc.

Campus Web - Student portal for our online course
    environment and for accessing grades, schedules,
    finances, unofficial transcripts, course offerings, etc.

Career Services - Job and internship information,
     quick facts, contact info

Change of Name/Address - Change form
Closing Information - Information on weather-related

Clubs-Organizations - listing of clubs/organizations
Code of Conduct - Student Code of Conduct

College Catalog
Computing Policies - ACC policies
Computing Services - Academic Computing Center
Counseling Services - counseling information
Course Descriptions - course information/

Course Offerings - Complete list of courses offered
    by year/semester

Cross Country - Men's CC Schedule, game stats,
     team profile, etc.

Cross Country - Women's CC Schedule, game stats,
     team profile, etc.

Degree Programs - Undergraduate degree

Degree Programs - Graduate degree requirements
Distinguished Alumni Gallery - DAG information and

Drop/Add - Drop/Add Information

Email - Link to GBC Email
Emergency Notifications - Information on text and e-
     mail alert messages for current students

Employment @GBC - Employment Info/Positions

Enrollment and Degree Verification - Process and
     form to request verification.

Faculty Home Pages - List of all faculty with links to
     their home pages

Faculty/Staff Telephone Directory - Extension listing
Fax Numbers - Department fax listing
FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
     of 1974

Financial Aid - Financial Aid Information
Food Service - Lightning Café info and menu
Frequently Asked Questions About GBC - FAQ's

Giving to GBC - Description of giving to GBC
Glossary - Definition of terms
Goals - Goals of the College
Golf - Schedule, game stats, team profile, etc.
Grade on Campus Web - Read the second FAQ for
   details on viewing grades on Campus Web
Grading Information - UG or GR - GPA, grading
    system, Dean's and President's List info


Graduate Program  - Master's Degrees Program

Graduation Petition - Graduation petition info and

History - Brief history of the College
Honors and Awards - Honors and awards listing.
Honor Code - Academic Honor Code description
      and process

Housing - Housing information
Human Resources - Employment information/
     Positions open

International Student Handbook - International
     student regulations/information
International Student Employment - International
    student employment information/procedures.
Internship Opportunities - Companies providing
     internship opportunities

Job Search Website - GBC College Central,
   job search site

Library - Quick facts
Library - Online Catalog - Hirons e-Library
Lightning Cafe' - Food services at the College
Local Information - Directions to College, hotels,
     bus and train routes, maps, airports, weather

Mission - Mission of the College

Organizations - Listing of College clubs and

Payment Options - Options for paying tuition/fees
Perkins Loans - Information on repayment,
     deferments, cancellations, forms, etc.

Philosophy - Philosophy of the College

Quick Facts About GBC - Basic information
     about GBC

Registrar's Office - Verification of student
     information, transcript requests, change of
     name and address, and inks to forms

Residence Halls - Housing information

Scholarships - Scholarship procedures
Service Desk - Where to go when your question
     does not get answered

Sexual Harassment Policy - Policy on sexual

Shuttle and Taxi Services - Local shuttle and taxi

Soccer - Men's - Schedule, game stats, team
     profile, etc.

Soccer - Women's - Schedule, game stats,
     team profile, etc.

Softball - Schedule, game stats, team profile, etc.

Student Accounts Office - Fees schedule and
     payment information
Student Achievement - Accomplishments of students,
     faculty and alumni

Student Affairs Office - Quick facts and general
     information on services

Student Network Accounts - Accounts available
     to students on the GBC network

Student Finances - Fees schedule and
     payment information

Student Handbook - Student handbook document

Tennis - Schedule, games stats, team profile,

Train Routes - Train route information

Transcript Request - Information and form for
     requesting a transcript

Transfer Credits - Information for transfer credit
     evaluation for UG transfer students

Tuition and Fee Schedule - Current costs
Tutoring - Information on tutoring available in the

Vision Statement - College vision statement
Volleyball - Schedule, game stats, team profile,

Weather - Current Wilmington weather
Weather Closing Information - Information on
     weather-related closings

Wireless Network - Campus wireless network