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Comprehensive Program

Master of Business Administration

This comprehensive program provides professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful managers. The twelve required MBA courses have been designed to build upon a basic foundation of business knowledge, which may have been gained through formal education, work experience, or specialized training.

Students with no business background may need to enroll in foundation courses designed to provide the basic framework needed in the fundamentals of business. Those students with knowledge in all areas of business fundamentals will be eligible to enroll directly into the MBA core courses. Proper placement will be determined during the interview process prior to enrollment into the program.


The Comprehensive MBA Program is structured as follows:
MBA Core Competency Courses: 6 credits
Financial Management Foundations (FIN 599)
Quantitative Foundations and Business Applications (BUS 598)
* Students with proven knowledge will take elective courses.
MBA Core Courses: 21 credits
Corporate Finance (FIN 623)
Financial Statement Analysis (ACC 644) or Managerial Accounting* (ACC 645)
* Students with an undergraduate degree in accounting should take ACC 645.
Managerial Economics (ECO 642)
Marketing Strategies (MKT 615)
Contemporary Management Theory (MGT 610)
Seminar in Strategic Management (MGT 695)
Strategic Human Resource Management (MGT 650)
Elective Courses: 9 credits
Choose one course from each of the business disciplines offered. It is recommended that you consult your advisor prior to choosing your electives in order to ensure that your program remains comprehensive.
Total: 36 credits

Effective Fall 2014