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Entrepreneurial Studies

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration Program, with a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies, is designed for those individuals seeking to learn more about launching a business venture as well as those seeking to learn more about innovation and intrapreneurship within larger organizations.


The MBA with a Concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies consists of:
MBA Core Competency Courses: 6 credits
Financial Management Foundations (FIN 599)
Quantitative Foundations and Business Applications (BUS 598)
* Students with proven knowledge will take elective courses.
MBA Core Courses: 21 credits
Corporate Finance (FIN 623)
Financial Statement Analysis (ACC 644) or Managerial Accounting* (ACC 645)
* Students with an undergraduate degree in accounting should take ACC 645.
Managerial Economics (ECO 642)
Marketing Strategies (MKT 615)
Contemporary Management Theory (MGT 610)
Seminar in Strategic Management (MGT 695)
Strategic Human Resource Management (MGT 650)
Entrepreneurial Studies Concentration Courses:
Choose 3 courses from the following electives offered
9 credits
Entrepreneurship (FIN 660) *required
Project Management (MGT 712)
Creating and Leading New Ventures (MGT 715)
Social Entrepreneurship (MGT 617)
Total: 36 credits

Effective Fall 2016