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Giving matters. Thank you for choosing to give to Goldey-Beacom College. Your generosity significantly impacts current and future students as well as the College's sustainability.

There are many ways to give – the Annual Fund which has provided more than $17 million annually in student scholarships, the Department of Athletics which manages 13 NCAA sports and endowed family scholarships just to name a few. A list of opportunities is below.

Annual Scholarship Fund

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Every dollar you donate to the Annual Scholarship Fund will be awarded in scholarships to help needy students achieve their goal of a college education. These scholarships make a critical difference for many of our high-need students. Combining your gift with many other alumni and friends, helps open the doors to education for talented students, many of whom are first generation.

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GBC Athletics Lightning Fund

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As a Division II NCAA school, Goldey-Beacom College strives to improve the experience of its student-athletes. Student-athletes are working hard to leave a legacy for tomorrow’s athletes. That is why the Athletics Department created the Lightning Fund for Athletics. This fund enables alumni, students, parents and friends to support GBC teams by designating funds to a specific sport.

Support your favorite sports team or the entire athletics program. Help build the GBC Athletics legacy while giving students an opportunity to achieve greater.

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Area of Greatest Need

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With a sprawling 24-acre campus, including five residence halls, two main buildings, ever-expanding degree offerings, 13 sports programs and a recently completed $30 million construction and renovation project, you can imagine how many competing priorities exist for Goldey-Beacom College. Allowing us to place your donation in the area of greatest need will allow us to continue moving forward with our current projects while ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for students, alumni, families and the entire College community.

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Stay Gold Campaign

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Preserving the Legacy of our Distinguished Alumni

The numerous accolades and achievements of our Distinguished Alumni are currently housed in the annex of the Fulmer Center, where their framed photos have been yellowing and languishing for several years in a place where fellow alumni don’t always necessarily know where to find them.

The GBC Alumni Association has launched a new initiative to honor and preserve the legacies of these distinguished men and women. This initiative is called the Stay Gold Campaign, and its mission is to dramatically update the appearance of the gallery by transforming it into a digital design that many future generations of Bolts can access easily and appreciate. In addition, the Alumni Association plans to move the location of the gallery to a much more central location- the main wall of the Event Center lobby where it will have prime visibility. Many of you may recall the iconic pop culture phrase "stay gold" from the 1980's. It is derived from the motion picture based upon the novel "The Outsiders", written by author S.E. Hinton. In the novel and the movie, the phrase 'stay gold' serves as a reminder to cling tightly to that hour when you were at your finest, your purest, your best. For some of you, that hour may well have been during your years at Goldey-Beacom.

We invite each of you to contribute to this campaign as a way of preserving the legacy not just of our distinguished alumni featured in the gallery, but our entire alumni community. Gifts to this fund will provide you the opportunity to preserve your own legacy on the wall of generous donors in the form of a permanent engraved plaque.

To give you an idea of what the Distinguished Alumni Gallery looks like presently, as compared to an artist's rendering of a new design for 2022, here are 'before' and 'after' photos to provide you with a sense of the exciting transformation that we have planned. Please consider helping us to reach that goal!
Old DAG Wall New DAG Wall

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