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Thank You Note Program

Goldey-Beacom College is grateful for all of our donors. Without your generosity, many students would have unmet financial needs that would hinder their ability to earn a college education. Current students can write a thank you note to their scholarship donors to display their gratitude. 

From finishing a degree program to attending college with little to no debt, your gifts tremendously impact our student body. We cannot thank you enough for your donations.

Commencement 2023

Thank You Note Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Thank You Note Program?

Goldey-Beacom College provides current students receiving a scholarship to write a thank you note to their donor. This program aims to connect current students with our donors through a display of gratitude for their donors’ generous gifts to the College. As important as it is to receive scholarship funding to defray the cost of attendance, it is equally important to thank the donor who made that scholarship gift possible. 

Who Will Contact Me About Completing a Thank You Note?

A staff member in the Financial Aid Office will email you about scheduling an appointment to write your thank you note.

What Should I Write?

You may wonder, “What should I write to my donor?” And, to be fair, that’s quite an ask! Many students display their gratitude by writing about their journey to GBC. Others write about their plans after commencement. Whatever you decide to write will make your donor smile!

If you are still stuck on a writing prompt, consider one of the following:

  • What does the scholarship funding mean to you personally?
  • Your degree program and how it is preparing you for your future career.
  • Did you have a fantastic experience at GBC? Tell your donor!
  • Ask the Development or Financial Aid Offices about your donor so you can curate a detailed thank you to the donor. 

Where Can I Write My Thank You Note?

Students can write their thank you note in the Financial Aid Office. We hope to see you there!

I Have A Some Questions Regarding My Donor. Who Can I Speak To?

It is normal to have some questions regarding your scholarship donor. Good news: the Financial Aid Office can answer any of your questions! If we cannot, we will connect you with a representative from the Development Office who can provide more information regarding your query.

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