Graduate Certificates

Our certificate programs help develop the broad competencies needed to excel in today's business world. Students, small business owners, and professionals alike can boost their résumés and retool their current skill set in order to advance in their careers. Unlike most certificate programs, completed program credits can be applied toward some master degree programs. Please find more detailed information below about GBC's certificate programs.

The cost?
Each class is only $800!

Business Analytics Certificate

The 9-credit Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics is designed for those individuals who have a desire to increase their understanding of data and its impact in improved decision making, productivity, and profitability. This certificate enhances the student's ability to compete in a data-driven business environment.

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Business Development Certificate

The Business Development Certificate at Goldey-Beacom College allows students to learn the core principles that will enable them to create business value and implement business development strategies, through starting a new business or entering new markets.

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Business Management Certificate

The idea of enrolling in graduate school can seem like an overwhelming commitment. The Business Management Certificate at Goldey-Beacom College allows students to gain credits towards a graduate degree of their choosing, by sampling just a few of the courses offered. The coursework covered can help prospective students decide if a graduate degree program is the right fit for them.

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Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship fosters the entrepreneurial mindset and develops critical skills. Students gain analytical skills that will help them evaluate a startup or translate the skills learned for intrapreneurial success in larger organizations.

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Health Care Management Certificate

The nine-credit Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management is designed for those individuals transitioning into health care organizations or positions and those requiring a more in-depth understanding of the health care industry. The certificate provides the student with an understanding of the role of public policies and politics in the health care industry, the various component sectors of the industry, and the planning methods used within the health care field.

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Human Resource Management Certificate

The nine-credit Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management is designed for those individuals transitioning into HR positions and individuals in management positions. Students will gain an understanding of the human resource role in organizations today and the importance of the strategic approach to human resource management.

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Information Technology Certificate

This nine-credit Graduate Certificate in Information Technology is designed to prepare professionals to bridge the gap between today’s technology and management’s use of the products of the global information infrastructure. All modern organizations require people equipped to focus information technology on its specific business needs, with an eye on leveraging IT for productivity and competitiveness. Any individual who is responsible for processing information, decision-making, or managing systems who wants to sharpen their skills would benefit from this program.

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Marketing Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing emphasizes organization, planning, evaluation, and control of essential aspects of the firm’s marketing activities. The student is exposed to new product development, management of advertising, distribution, and sales administration. In addition, the student will become familiar with the assembly of marketing data, analysis, and the application of quantitative models.

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Strategic Leadership Certificate

Todays leader understands that most professionals respond more positively to reason and inspiration, rather than to managers who bark orders. Great leaders persuade and can help employees be more responsive and proactive, given the right set of leadership tools and techniques. The Strategic Leadership Certificate at Goldey-Beacom College is designed to help professionals develop a set of skills that they can immediately apply as a leader.

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