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Propel your career to new heights with our cutting-edge MBA with a Concentration in Business Analytics. In today’s fast-paced world, where data reigns supreme, the ability to extract valuable insights and transform them into strategic advantages is paramount for success in any position. With our program, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, gaining a deep understanding of the intricate relationship between business and data. Seamlessly blending business acumen and analytical expertise, you’ll develop the skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of today’s industries where businesses rely on insightful data analysis and strategic foresight to gain a competitive edge. With our comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences, you’ll gain the expertise to extract actionable insights from complex data sets, transforming raw information into a powerful catalyst for organizational success and capable of making data-driven decisions that drive innovation and growth.



Program Level

  • Graduate Concentration

Degree Type

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)


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Goldey Beacom Logo
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Goldey-Beacom College is a Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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