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With its cutting-edge curriculum, expert faculty, and immersive learning experiences, our program is designed to equip you with the strategic mindset, business acumen, and leadership skills needed to thrive in today’s dynamic corporate landscape. Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, launch your own venture, or make a significant impact in the global business arena, our MBA program will empower you to unleash your full potential and stand out as a true trailblazer in the competitive world of business.

The Master of Business Administration Program is designed for qualified holders of a bachelor’s degree regardless of your undergraduate field of study.  The twelve required MBA courses have been designed to build upon a basic foundation of business knowledge which you may have gained through formal education, work experience, or specialized training.



Program Level

  • Graduate

Degree Type

  • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Master of Business Administration Program Outcomes

Outcomes for our MBA program are centered on your success, providing you with a deep understanding of core business disciplines, strategic decision-making frameworks, and the ability to navigate complex organizational challenges. You will develop strong leadership qualities, effective communication skills, and a global perspective that empowers you to make impactful contributions to your chosen field. With our comprehensive MBA program, you’ll not only earn a prestigious degree but also gain the confidence and expertise to make a lasting impact on the business world.

Careers in Business Administration

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job outlook for graduates with an MBA is exceptionally promising. With the increasing complexity of the global business environment, organizations are seeking highly qualified professionals who can navigate challenges and drive strategic growth. The BLS projects a substantial growth rate in managerial positions, with a 7% increase expected over the next decade. This trend indicates a strong demand for MBA graduates who possess the leadership acumen and business acuity to guide organizations towards success.

The career paths for MBA graduates span across various industries including:

  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • And entrepreneurship, which offers a multitude of opportunities for specialization and advancement.

Success Stories

Piage Ludwig

I look forward to having classes with Dr. Nicole Evans each semester. She is very personable and values the input of students, so she encourages our thoughts to be shared and questions asked. I believe she values me as a person and student.

Paige Ludwig – Class of 2023 and 2024


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